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Qualified candidates

Save time sourcing

Own the candidate experience

No headcount costs

We handle top-of-funnel sourcing and screen candidates so you can focus on interviewing and converting.
Unlike working with an agency, our candidate outreach is transparent. Technical sourcers are an extension of your team.
No need to hire a costly full-time resource. Stay flexible as your hiring plans change.

Why use a Hired Technical Sourcer?

Source candidates on Hired

Find the best candidates, matched to your requirements. We will act as an extension of your company, using your branding and messaging in our outreach.

Interview candidates

Help evaluate fit by conducting phone screens based on criteria you determine during our kickoff call. We can even administer
technical assessments.

Process management

Manage time-consuming scheduling of phone screens and technical assessments. We’ll check in and gain insight from high priority candidates in later stages.

What will a Hired Technical Sourcer do? 

All the hottest tech roles

Find top talent for 50+ top tech roles, including specialties in:

  • Software Engineering
  • Engineering Management
  • Developer Operations (DevOps)
  • Design

"Hired has been an incredible resource while growing my engineering team. I love the ability to search for candidates based on a variety of criteria vs. them applying to a job posting. I sometimes don’t have time to go through all the candidates myself… Once I upgraded and got a dedicated resource to help, things improved dramatically. Hired has helped reduce the need for headhunters as well as in-house or contract technical recruiters. It has helped me find qualified candidates at a lower price point."

Nick Woods
Co-Founder & CTO
Hazel Health




Hired Offer Acceptance Rate
Hired Interview Acceptance Rate
Profiles with Assessments save time in later evaluations

Earlier insight

Streamlining the recruiting process

Online pair programming

Better coordination

Staying in sync

LiveChallenges take the place of your whiteboard interview
Scheduling integrations make coordinating interviews with candidates a breeze
Hired messaging keeps the whole hiring team on the same page

Bias Reduction Mode

Removes candidate profile pictures and names so you only evaluate candidates based on their skills and experience.

Salary Bias Alerts

Hold yourself accountable with alerts that notify you if you offer a lower salary than you typically do for that role.

Candidate Assessments

Assess candidates' skills remotely with a free suite of customizable technical assessments

Features designed for diversity

Diversity Goals

Simplify the process of sourcing candidates designated as underrepresented by the EEOC. See qualified candidates surfaced to the top of your search results within seconds. It’s that easy!
Diverse talent is in demand, with total compensation you can see the offers that a candidate you interview is receiving so you can stay competitive

Total Compensation 

Resources for hiring talent

  • Product Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Sales

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