Coding Challenge

October 18th - December 6th, 2022

About the Challenge + Prizes

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Challenge Closed

Featured Roles

Are you on the hunt for your dream job? Take the challenge and showcase your engineering expertise to the National Grid recruitment team!

The challenge takes 45mins to complete and can not be paused once started so make sure you dedicate sufficient time.

Why take the challenge?

The coder with the highest level of accuracy and speed will win an Xbox Series X. The winners will be selected by the National Grid Digital Team.

In addition to great prizes, National Grid is looking for high-performing engineers to join their Software Engineering teams across their US and UK offices.

The challenge begins on Thursday, October 6th, and runs through to Thursday, November 17th. The winners will be announced via email after the challenge closes.

Challenge Closed

About National Grid

At National Grid we keep people connected and society moving. In Digital at National Grid, we’re working at the heart of change and harnessing the power of technology to build a cleaner, fairer and more affordable future for all. Innovation is providing our edge in finding a better way, for everyone. Join us, and bring energy to life.

Visit the National Grid careers page to learn more.

Staff Software Engineer

Come be a part of driving National Grid’s digital transformation!  We are digital creators, continuous learners and daring innovators.  We leverage digital innovative ways to create products and catalyze the transformation of National Grid's business units into more agile and digitally native organizations in our shared purpose of bringing energy to life.
At National Grid, we keep the lights on and homes warm.  But it’s so much more than that.  We keep people connected and society moving.  This is no easy feat, and it takes all of us.  But National Grid supplies us with the environment to make it happen.  As we generate momentum in the energy transition for all, we don’t plan on leaving any of our customers in the dark.  So, join us and help bring energy to life. 

To learn more visit the careers page here.