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Our Engineering team is working to simplify the way people work together. They’re building a family of products that handle over a billion files a day for people around the world. With our broad mission and massive scale, there are countless opportunities to make an impact.

About G-Research

G-Research is Europe’s leading quantitative finance research firm. We hire the brightest minds in the world to tackle some of the biggest questions in finance. We pair this expertise with machine learning, big data, and some of the most advanced technology available to predict movements in financial markets.

Backend and Front End Product Software Engineer Roles - Remote within the U.S. and Canada

Our strategy starts with our mission: how do we build the right set of products that can help our customers work in a more enlightened way? If the first big problem Dropbox solved was getting your files in the cloud, the new problem we’re solving is helping you organize your life.

As we’re evolving the core business from syncing and sharing files, we are looking for Software Engineers to come build the next generation of new products for collaboration and distributed work. Product Engineers thrive working across technologies and codebases, but are also involved in various product development cycle stages. Along the way they help representing users needs through close partnership with product, design, and user research.

In this role you will deliver best-in-breed software by building robust systems that power optimized user experiences on marquee projects like Dropbox Paper, Transfer, or Family. As a Product Engineer, you will use data-driven approaches to conduct experiments or iterate features, while ensuring that the software we write will last and scale.

Apply Now for the Backend Product Software Engineer: https://www.dropbox.com/jobs/listing/3036913

Apply Now for the Front End Product Software Engineer: https://www.dropbox.com/jobs/listing/3036936

G-Research is hiring!

Prove your coding talent for a chance to win a MacBook Pro

Oct 17 - Nov 28

The challenge consists of a technical test, which you should be able to complete within a 45-minute time limit. Once started, the challenge cannot be paused. High scores will get noticed by G-Research hiring managers, who are looking to recruit talented Software Engineers, Software Developers, Quantitative Engineers, Quantitative Developers, Research Engineers, Architects, and Machine Learning Engineers in London.

The winner, selected by a G-Research representative based on speed and accuracy, will be eligible to win an Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch (M2).

The challenge runs from 17 October – 28 November 2022 and the winner will be announced after the challenge via email.


G-Research Coding Challenge