Hired Events is an impactful addition to any  recruiting toolbox.

Streamline your tech sourcing with:

  • Custom targeting based on your open roles
  • Multiple event types to choose from
  • Prequalified candidates interested in your company & more!

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Accelerate your talent pipeline with Hired Events

Virtual Candidate Events

60 minute panel discussion format featuring your speakers with content, event, technical, promotional and marketing support from our internal experts.

Focusing on a specific topic, these Virtual Candidate Events draw an engaged audience and boost brand awareness.
Expedite your hiring process with custom events to reach your recruiting goals

We connect leading technology employers to top candidates

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Efficiently attract top candidates to fill multiple open roles with custom targeting 

Boost your brand and find the right candidate or generate brand awareness in a new market location

3,500+ Candidates participated in events last year

Our Events

Coding Challenges

45 minute technical challenge customized by your engineering team using Hired Assessments, promoted over  5-6 weeks to your selected target audience. 

By essentially eliminating the first step in the interview process, you can focus on winning over  pre-qualified candidates.
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“...this was really good and there’s an appetite from our Engineering team to do something like this again. We’re extremely happy with the results and I’m excited to run it again with a different team, or a different skillset, or continue to use the challenge so, thanks! It went really well.”

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- Kenny Koran, Technical Sourcing Manager, Dropbox

Event Packages

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Leverage Hired Events for unique opportunities to work with our partners. We'll work to connect you with our partners so you can expand your pipeline with exposure to a wider candidate database.

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